Thanks to all who helped with the Plant/Food/Tag Sale–especially J. Pollard who organized this great event.

The Tri- Parish Community Church thanks everyone who helped to make our annual fund raiser on the Hardwick Common a success. ‘Special thanks to Chicken Feather Farm, Inishowen Farm, North Brookfield, Chicken Feather Farm and Stillman’s Farm in New Braintree, and the private gardeners who supplied the “home grown lovelies.”

Thanks also to those who baked goodies for the Food Sale table and those who donated items for the Tag Sale table.

Thanks to all the volunteers who set-up, waited on customers, and cleaned up afterwards.

We look forward to the Great Plant/Food/Tag Sale- May 30th and 31st, 2020.

Our Bible group is organizing “Bags for Cancer Patients” We are putting together handmade shopping bags filled with items like fuzzy socks, bookmarks, a deck of cards, a tooth brush and small tubes of tooth paste, a small blanket etc. A list and the box for your donation is available on the table in the Stone Church Chapel during Sunday service.

These bags will be given to Mary Lane Oncology Department in October, 2019.