Fellowship Potluck

suggested menu

We are holding potluck Fellowship Meals in the winter during daylight hours.

January 18th, Saturday, at Noon at the New Braintree Church.

Bring yourself and friends and food to share. It could be soup, salad, a casserole, cold cuts, bread, or a home-made dessert.

If you hate to prepare food how about bringing chips or beverage to share. If you would rather provide table coverings (Dollar Store) or napkins or centerpieces please let us know early so we don’t go ahead and buy them. Contact the office at 508-867-3306. Don’t stay away because you haven’t got something to share. We want to see you.

The second Fellowship Supper was held October 19th at 5:00 at the New Braintree Church, hosted by Alice May Lowell. About 15 people enjoyed bowls of her harvest stew with corn bread and butter. We had some great conversations, laughs and pumpkin, apple and chocolate cream pies, a jelly roll, a large bowl of fresh pears, apples, and peaches and a bowl of candy.

We need to do a better job of advertising our suppers. We did have a few folks come from Town who do not attend our church.

We will take a hiatus over the holidays and plan to start again in January for Fellowship Lunches. It will brighten the doldrums of the dark months.

*You are welcome to pick a month to host a supper. Let’s keep this going, friends.

Crochet Workshop

jennifers crochet

A work shop was held in July to crochet caps, and line covers for our bags for cancer patients. The pattern is available to make them at home. Contact Jennifer Pollard at 845 242 0529.

Since we will continue making the bags and filling them, we may start up again in January.

Thanks to all who helped with the Plant/Food/Tag Sale

The Tri- Parish Community Church thanks everyone who helped to make our annual fund raiser on the Hardwick Common a success. ‘Special thanks to Chicken Feather Farm, Inishowen Farm, North Brookfield, Chicken Feather Farm and Stillman’s Farm in New Braintree, and the private gardeners who supplied the “home grown lovelies.”

Thanks also to those who baked goodies for the Food Sale table and those who donated items for the Tag Sale table.

Thanks to all the volunteers who set-up, waited on customers, and cleaned up afterwards.

We look forward to the Great Plant/Food/Tag Sale- May 30th and 31st, 2020.