Annual Tri -Parish Meeting February 9th after church. Mark your calendar as important.

Fellowship Luncheons

We are holding potluck Fellowship Meals in the winter during daylight hours.

February 15th, Saturday, at Noon at the New Braintree Church.

Bring yourself and friends and food to share. It could be soup, salad, a casserole, cold cuts, bread, or a home-made dessert.

If you hate to prepare food how about bringing chips or beverage to share. If you would rather provide table coverings (Dollar Store) or napkins or centerpieces please let us know early so we don’t go ahead and buy them. Contact the office at 508-867-3306. Don’t stay away because you haven’t got something to share. We want to see you.

We look forward to

the Great Plant/Food/Tag Sale- May 30th and 31st, 2020.

The reception committee welcomes offerings of baked items.