The Tri-Parish Community Church is a communion of four churches in Gilbertville, Hardwick and New Braintree, who have joined together to worship God and celebrate the teachings of Jesus Christ. A mission-focused member of the United Church of Christ, the Tri-Parish has deep roots that go back to the first villages in the East Quabbin area. With this rich history of serving these farming communities, we come together in faith to support our neighbors and our church family, to discern God’s purpose for us, and to do His good work.

With four buildings and one pastor, we have a worship schedule that takes us to each town and building. Each year starts fresh at the New Braintree Congregational Church with Sunday worship till June. Summer worship is at the Gilbertville Trinitarian Church. Fall services are held at the Hardwick Universalist church from September through December. Special services, such as Easter, are occasionally held at the Hardwick Congregational Church. This schedule, unique to the Tri Parish, offers parishioners a new perspective and a fresh start several times each year. The buildings and the communities are beautiful and distinct in the full traditions and history only found in New England.