Nov 1, 2020 sermon

Spiritual Depression

Preached by Pastor Kevin Wright. Master of Biblical Studies and Doctor of Ministry. He is an Associate pastor at Heritage Bible Chapel which is non-denominational.

I came home from church today feeling good. Maybe even elated.  It was a good service. Pastor Kevin spoke on the 77th psalm. The title of his sermon was spiritual depression. This is my interpretation of what he said.  Why should we should pray to God when we are feeling low, feeling like we are in a pit.  Don’t wait to pray as a last resort. If you don’t get results, keep praying.  He reminded us about the story of Joseph and how he was his father’s favorite. His brothers were jealous of him and threw him in a pit to be sold. His life took a sharp turn for the worse.  He referenced our country’s situation with Covid19 and with the election.  He took the first part of the 77th psalm and showed it was all about me, me, and me. ” I cried out to God for help; I cried out to God to hear me. When I was in distress, I sought the Lord, at night I stretched out untiring hands, and I would not be comforted.”

We talk to ourselves most of the time and sometimes we are not hearing the truth from ourselves.  The second section of the psalm was glorifying God and his wonders to perform. The psalmist changes his tune. ” Your ways O God are holy. What God is as great as our God? “

Pastor Kevin referred to the psalm when God saved His people in Exodus and the people coming to the great writhing, convulsed water. They saw the Egyptians   approaching. God enabled them to cross the water. He likened the trembling and quaking of the earth to The Temple curtain being ripped from top to bottom (my words). The Chosen Ones had a new celebration of Passover. We remember their Passover and we have our own through Jesus Christ and our Lord’s Supper of Holy Communion. He referred to Joseph again and how his life, through prayer and praise to God turned around and became a benefit to his family.

Pastor included other sections of the Bible both old and new testament about prayer. After a prayer and the song Let Us Break Bread Together, Pastor smoothly went into offering communion. We used his little disposable combo cups containing the wafer and the wine (grape juice).    All in all it was a very pleasant and thoughtful and prayerful experience.