We are seeking an organist/ accompanist.   Please contact Forrest Morin under the contacts heading.

Our choir will sing at our Easter service and we welcome those of you who would like to join us. We will begin rehearsing March 19th at the New Braintree Church on Thursday at 5:00 PM. However, until then we hope to offer special music by people willing to sing or perform on an instrument. If you would like to or know someone that would please contact the office or Susan Kallander (skallander@gmail.com) Perhaps you know a student of music that would like the experience of performing in front of a friendly group.



The Hardwick Memorial Hand Bell Choir Christmas 2019

The Hardwick Memorial Hand Bell Choir meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm at The First Universalist Church of Hardwick under the direction of Shawna Andrews.  The Hand Bell Choir participates in Worship with the Tri-Parish Community Church a few times a year.  Upcoming dates:  November 20th 7:00pm Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service  at the First Universalist Church in Hardwick and Palm/Passion Sunday(4/14/19) at the New Braintree Congregational Church. The Hand Bell choir usually does a Christmas Seasonal Concert and additional dates and venues as requested.

Contact Shawna: shawnaraeandrews1930@gmail.com