Though we are a small church, we strive to make a difference in our community. However, we will not be able to continue to make much of a difference in our community if we cease to exist. If you are unaware of our dire straits, we have been running on fumes. We are unable to afford a pastor at this time. Perhaps you have seen our huge ( Easter Island statuesque) signs in front of the churches asking for your help in keeping us afloat. At this point we are inviting ministers and lay persons to come celebrate Sunday services. We do have a list of ministers to help our community in time of need for funeral/ memorial services, baptisms and weddings. Also, to help those in need of hospital visitations and other ministerial care.

The mission of the Tri Parish COmmunity Church is service to God by working together to alleviate suffering and foster hope, love, and the word if Jesus Christ among our families, neighbors here and throughout the world

The Mustard Seed Ministry:  every third Monday of a month a group of folks gather at the New Braintree Town Hall Kitchen to prepare a meal for the Mustard Seed Ministry in Worcester and Jeremiah’s Inn.  Folks take the meal to Worcester and help serve the meal at The Mustard Seed and drop off prepared food for Jeremiah’s Inn.  If you would like to learn more about this ministry, want to assist in preparing or would like to serve the meal, please leave a message at the church office.

Hardwick Food Pantry: 179 Main Street, Gilbertville, MA – 01031; 413-477-6635
Provides a food pantry and farmers’ market coupons. Pantry hours: 1st and 3rd Friday: 9:30 – 11:30 AM. (During July and August, the first Friday only)

Sunday School begins with the church service at 10:00. The children go to their classroom after the ‘Time with Children’ and ends at 11:00 am with the start of our Fellowship Time.  The Sunday School participates in a Christmas Service during Advent and a Children’s Day Service(May/June) and at other times throughout the year they are given opportunities to share their gifts during Worship.

In order to keep everyone safe we will not have Bible Study class until further notice

Bible Study with Shawna Andrews is cancelled until further notice. If you are in the class please keep doing your homework.’

Wednesdays  4:30 pm at the New Braintree Church. Delve into the Bible and the Word – perfect for the experienced and those just starting out. Contact Shawna– you are truly welcome! or phone her at 413-477-0238 if you are interested.

We recently brought about 20 hand made tote bags to Mary Lane Hospital Oncology department. Some made the beautiful bags while others crocheted hats, painted book marks, had nice pens inscribed with our church name and address and many more of our Congregation contributed Bibles, toiletries and comfort items.

We plan to continue this project after the holidays.

Our leader, Shawna on the left with Jennifer and Marjie carrying the beautiful bags
All the bags ready to go.

This season we are studying Deuteronomy.

We recently completed a study on Grace.

Last year we began our studies in January with a focus on the parables in the Gospel of Matthew. Each week each student selected a parable to analyze and understand its message. We then identified a reading, psalm, and hymn which conveyed the same message and shared our new knowledge with our fellow students.  This method of study truly broadened our awareness and knowledge of the psalms and hymns as well as the parables.

We completed a study of Leviticus and Numbers, the third and fourth books of the Bible, which chronical the 40 years between when the Israelites left the slavery of Egypt and when they were just entering the holy land that God promised to their forefathers.  We learned much about the rituals and laws set by God to enable the Israelites to lead a holy life and share a close relationship with God. We also learned much about the power of God’s will and his commitment to his children.

Last year we visited the Cross in Barre

Update on Bible Study with Shawna Andrews,from Fall 2018

Missions Outreach Report

The Deacon’s Fund: A fund created for our Deacons to assist our most vulnerable with the necessities of life such as fuel. If you have a need, please reach out to Liz Reilly at 413-477-6635 regarding The Deacon’s Fund

This past year, 2019, we provided aid to a number of individuals as they coped with issues of shelter and warmth. Support for the The Deacon’s Fund comes from monthly TPCC donations, as well as, private philanthropic individuals and organizations. Referrals for assistance come through the Hardwick Food Pantry or church.

Hardwick Food Pantry

The Hardwick Food Pantry, located in the basement of the Hardwick Municipal Building on Rte 32 in Gilbertville, assists over 100 families a month. Our greatest expense is the food coupon program, in which the Hardwick Food Pantry issues coupons valued at $20.00 each which are redeemed for meat, eggs, and produce at the Hardwick Farmers Market throughout the Summer and Fall months. The Food Pantry also receives food donations from The Worcester County Food bank, local grocery stores and area collections from civic organizations, school groups, and churches. Food distribution is twice a month, once a month in summer. Support for the Food Pantry comes from TPCC donations, as well as private philanthropic individuals and organizations. Contact Liz Reilly at 413-477-6635 for assistance.

The Mustard Seed.

Every third Monday of the month a small group of dedicated souls gather at the New Braintree Town Hall to prepare a meal for The Mustard Seed Ministry in Worcester and Jeremiah’s Inn. Support for The Mustard Seed come from TPCC donations and the volunteers who perform this work.

Cancer Care Bags

This past Summer and Fall, members and friends of the Tri-Parish made re-usable tote bags and filled them with donated toiletries, hand-made hats and PICC line covers, Bibles, game books, pens and other comfort items and delivered about 20 bags to the oncology department of Mary Lane Hospital for distribution to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Mission Christmas Tree

This year we donated our Mission Christmas Tree at the Hardwick Universalist Church with member -donated mittens, hats and scarves with were later provided to the local police and our Food Pantry for distribution to those in need.

Fellowship Dinners

We have begun holding free Fellowship Dinners at the New Braintree Church. We held two in the Fall; one hosted by Susan Kallander and Marguerite Crevier in September and one hosted by Alice May Lowell in October. Approximately 20 family, friends and neighbors enjoyed good meals and great conversation at each event. These gatherings are continuing into 2020 as potluck lunches once a month, at noon , in the winter months.

Do you need help? Guidance? Assistance? Please reach out to us.