The Tri-Parish Community Church office is located at the New Braintree Congregational Church in New Braintree Center.

Tri-Parish Community Church
3 Oakham Rd
P.O. Box 202
New Braintree, MA  01531

Office: 508-867-3306

Our Administrative Assistant, Heidi Jeldres, is in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM till noon, and can be reached at 508-867-3306 or at

For pastoral needs please contact Deacons Marguerite Crevier, Ginny Rich and Marjie Wissiup, directly or through the church office.

If you cannot access our newsletter, the Herald, or information on this website contact us

Please e-mail Herald submissions to using the subject line “Herald”

For submissions or corrections to our website, please contact the office


Tri-Parish Committee:

  • Marguerite Crevier, Chair
  • Tammi Chisholm, Vice Chair
  • Alice May Lowell
  • Judy Kohn
  • Bonnie St. Cyr
  • Jeanne Hanson (Honorary Alternate)
  • Julie Rousseau (Alternate)
  • Amie Lefevre (Alternate)
  • Mary Alice Pollard (Alternate)


  • Jeanne Hanson
  • Ginny Rich
  • Marjie Wissiup
  • Marguerite Crevier