Nice turnout for caroling

We had a train of 6 automobiles of singers traipsing from place to place in Hardwick and New Braintree on Sunday Dec 21 after church. We were welcomed in to sing the residents’ favorite carols and that we did, with gusto.

Before that we held a tearful reception for Pastor Deb, to celebrate her time with us, and to say goodbye. Gifts were presented and Mavis Gordon sang a lovely song about God being the God of the mountains and also of the valleys. My interpretation is, He is there for us in the good times and the sad times. Pastor Deb will celebrate the Christmas Eve service as her last for us. I feel I should add that she was in a terrible auto accident last week and totaled her car. Thank God she was able to have walked away from it. We wish her a speedy and complete recovery from her bumps and bruises.

We shall continue on as a church community with various ministers and lay speakers until our Heavenly Father shows us what we should do next.

signed: Follower of Apostle Paul