TPCC Annual Meeting Highlights

Officers and Tri-Parish Committee Members approved.

Moderator: Glenn Wojcik

Clerk: Heidi Jeldres

Treasurer: Jennifer Pollard

Asst. Treaurer : Forrest Morin

Tri-Parish Committee: Marguerite Crevier, Alice May Lowell, Susan Kallander, Judy Kohn, Forrest Morin, Alternates: Genevieve Stillman, Jeanne Hanson

Reports for 2019 were approve with minor corrections,

New Business:

Fair Supper–Judy Kohn volunteered to head up and is looking for volunteers to work on it. It was decided that lasagna from scratch was the desired menu and that an approved kitchen would be used to make them together on-site, details will be worked out at next TPC meeting. The membership agreed to move forward on this important community event and fund raiser for the Church.

Formation of a Visioning Committee suggested by Ginny RIch, was approved with many interested in serving. The purpose is, to make plans for moving forward, possibly with the help of a consultant.

Regarding visibility of The Church in the community, Ralph Nichols expressed the importance of getting articles into local papers often so that people in the area see a vital ministry going on here. He is willing to write articles and submit pictures to the papers if people funnel information to him.

Regarding the budget: The proposed budget was approved with the addition of $3000.00 to be added to the line for Pastor Salary, so that there are funds for some guest preachers who require a fee, and to demonstrate the church’s continued aspiration to have paid clergy.

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