The Lay Committee Meeting

We met after church service on January 12 after coffee hour. There were 10 members who discussed who to ask to speak at our upcoming services. Marguerite offered to be the Chair as her term as Chair of The Tri Parish Committee is up this month. Susan offered to be music liaison. Ralph Nichols volunteered to be in charge of advertising. He has written up something about our church and programs to put in the local papers and the Springfield and Worcester paper. Also present for discussion was having a representative of The Heritage Bible Church in Princeton come and talk about a proposal to help us get on the right tract going forward with our church community. Perhaps even come and do a service. We agreed that we need a rebirth not a renovation . We need to start anew and re-examine our old habits and see if they really work for us. It is hard to let go of comfortable routines and buildings, etc.

I believe we need to remember that we, the community of worshippers, are the Church. We are not saved by good works. God asks us as he asked Apostle Paul; to grow in the Holy Spirit and preach that God’s righteousness is not a reward. It is a gift to those who trust in the redemptive work of Christ. Our mission is not to do good works , our mission is to be right with God. We are in the process of being more Christ-like.

As always, comments, corrections, opinions are welcome.


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