An Urgent Message from Your Treasurer

We cannot move forward into our new year and continue to progress our missions without your support during this time of Stewardship. Moreover, we will be operating in a deficit in December, so please find it in your heart to contribute what you are able to help the Tri-Parish Community Church end 2019 financially stable.

What does stewardship mean? Stewardship means taking care of something. I feel that Stewardship for us is living up to our Mission statement:

The Mission of the Tri-Parish Community Church is service to God by working together to alleviate suffering and foster hope, love, and the word of Jesus Christ among our families and neighbors, here and throughout the world.

How have we done that this year?

This past year we reached out to all the residents of the communities of Gilbertville, Hardwick, and New Braintree through a donor-sponsored post card mailing highlighting the services that the Tri-Parish provides and participates in; the Deacon’s Fund for fuel and other emergency assistance, the Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen, the Gilbertville/Hardwick Food Pantry which provides redeemable coupons to the Hardwick Farmers Market, and weekly Bible Study.  In addition, members and friends of the Tri-Parish made re-usable tote bags and filled them with donated toiletries, hand-made hats and PICC line covers, Bibles, game books, pens, and other comfort items and delivered about 20 bags to the Oncology Department of Mary Lane Hospital for distribution to patients undergoing cancer treatment.  We have also begun holding free Fellowship dinners at the New Braintree Church, welcoming family, friends, and neighbors to join in a good meal and great conversation.  We are planning a Mission Tree for Advent to be decorated with member-donated mittens, hats, and scarves which will be donated to the needy before Christmas, and last but certainly not least, every Sunday, we have provided the means for worship as a congregation.

I think this was a good effort for a small congregation.  I also know that all that we did this past year would not have happened without the existence of this body of caring people – the Tri-Parish Community Church.  This, our very existence as a group of two or more gathered together, and our ability to continue forward in the new year, depends upon all of us to be good stewards of our congregation. Please help us to do just that!

Thank you,

Jennifer Pollard, Treasurer

November 20, 2019