Sunday, November 17,2019

After church about 20 people gathered for coffee and to discuss where we are headed without a resident pastor. There was a great talk given by our treasurer on the Tri-parish financial state of affairs. Printouts were handed out of the monthly expenses detailed under income, interest, and expenses along with a printout of the annual budget. Showing anticipated, actual and estimated year-end income and expenses, we could see how we arrived at our present financial situation.

The difference between the anticipated loose collection plate offerings and the actual year to date was way, way down .

I think it is important to point out to members and friends that in the past it has not been made clear to them how much their pledge might be, relative to the total budget.

For example: Donation per person

If 30 people gave $1666.67 annually or $32.05 weekly, we would take in $50,000 which is our budget with a part time minister.

50 people—-yr $1,000.——or $19.23 a wk =-$50,000.

100 people gave $500. a yr, —or $9.62 a wk.=-$50,000

We send out 200 monthly Heralds (newsletters). We do not get 200 pledge units. Now I appreciate that lots of us are on a fixed income so with this above information, what can you afford? You see that a small amount makes a difference.

We are entering a new phase in our Tri-parish life. We are moving forward with a new view. We have Pastor Ken Winters lined up to give communion on the first Sunday in January and inspiring lay speakers the rest of January. Ret. Naval chaplain, Pastor Winters gave us a wonderful service this summer. He is a one man band with his playing and singing and giving a stirring sermon.

Plan to start your and our new year with us on Sundays. Get into the habit of giving our Heavenly Father 45 minutes a week and visiting with a nice group of welcoming , friendly, folks afterward for coffee and conversation.