Solomon and Edison

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance. Sol. 21: 8. One can substitute diligent with persistent. Edison said, “Most of life’s failures were those who didn’t realize how close they were to success.” Cal Coolidge said, “Press on, Nothing can take the place of persistence.”

Persistence and determination alone are overwhelmingly powerful.

God promised to give Joshua the city of Jericho if he took his troops and marched around the city walls once, every day, for seven days. And on the seventh day to march around seven times and on the seventh time blow the trumpets as loud as can be. And of course you know the story, the walls came tumbling down. Imagine if Joshua, after the sixth time, said “I don’t even see a hairline fracture in the wall.” and gave up.

So let go of past failures and successes. The past ended last night. Travel in the direction you are looking.

Our Church is unique. Our people are generous, loving and deeply caring Christians. You can see that, just by example. We earnestly want the best for people. If I were new in town and looking for a church community I would check out the Tri Parish Church and I would stay. I would be looking for a place I could grow in Spirit with the freedom to express my ways to give praise to our Heavenly Father. I know because I did.

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