Where do we go from here?

Oct 23: Well, the meeting was held and about 17 people came. Some find this whole scene very emotional from frustrating to stressful to terribly sad. As I see it, we need to organize some committees to meet to plan where we go in the new year- without a resident pastor. We have November and December to pull our sox up and get organized. This is Stewardship season and coincidentally this time when we find out if we have enough $$ support for anything. What do you want to do? Throw out the old laws and bylaws and start anew? Rework the existing ones? Now is the time for all to support the Church. Not just for baptisms and weddings and funerals but for all the long time members, the older members who don’t want to go to another place to worship with people from a different community. They supported this Church in the past and now we need to support it for them, for continuity.